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Introducing our innovative Insurance Claims Automation App, designed to streamline the claims process by leveraging document analysis technology. By cross-referencing details from documents with the patient's identity proof, our app ensures accurate and efficient validation, simplifying insurance claims with precision and speed.
Technology Used

Business Requirements

Our business imperative is to implement an automated system for Insurance Claims processing. We aim to develop a streamlined solution leveraging technology to expedite claims, reduce errors, and enhance overall efficiency, ensuring a seamless and accurate process for insurance claimants.

Our Solutions

Automation is done via
  • Submission
  • Polling & Processing
  • Get Update
  • Member Validation
  • Mater Data Polling
  • Captcha API Retrieval


The proposed Insurance Claims Automation, integrating RPA and advanced technologies like Selenium and Kafka, promises swift and accurate claim processing. By cross-referencing document details with patient identity proof, this solution aims to minimize errors and expedite settlements. Anticipated benefits include faster claim processing, reduced errors, and improved overall operational efficiency, ensuring a seamless and reliable experience for claimants.

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