Medical Insurance Case Management and Insurance Claims Tracking System.

Streamline medical insurance case management and insurance claim tracking across hospitals solution.


A medical insurance case management tool tracks and organizes the status of insurance cases across multiple hospitals. It provides a comprehensive overview of the number of cases submitted, pending, and approved, streamlining the management of medical insurance processes for efficient tracking and decision-making.
Technology Used

Business Requirements

A comprehensive platform to track insurance claims, detailing successful, failed, and retried cases across various methods. This centralized system streamlines monitoring, offering a one-stop solution for efficient and holistic management of insurance claim processes, regardless of the method used.

Our Solutions

We include the no of cases of different hospitals in categories
  • Action Pending.
  • Submitted.
  • Approved.
  • Rejected.
  • Discharge Approved.
  • Cancelled


Our Java-based Spring Boot platform effectively manages medical insurance cases across multiple hospitals, categorizing them for a comprehensive overview. We've also extended the system to efficiently track insurance claims, meeting holistic management requirements.

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