Efficient app for streamlined medical sample collection.

Securely simplifying medical sample bookings and collections for a seamless experience.


Our mobile application streamlines the process for medical lab bookings, allowing users to schedule appointments conveniently. With a unique feature enabling in-person sample collection at the patient's location, the app efficiently gathers and organizes crucial medical sample details, ensuring a seamless and personalized experience.
Technology Used

Business Requirements

The application must facilitate easy appointment scheduling for medical sample collections at a patient's preferred location. It should securely gather, store, and manage patient details and sample information, ensuring compliance with medical standards and privacy regulations. Additionally, the app should allow for efficient communication between the lab technicians and patients for a seamless collection process.

Our Solutions

Mobile Application which includes
  • Patient’s Details
  • No of Samples Collected
  • Purpose for which the samples collected
  • Type of Samples
  • Booking to take Medical Samples


MedSampleCollect is a streamlined mobile app that simplifies medical sample bookings and in-person collections. It securely manages patient details, sample information, and appointment scheduling, ensuring compliance with medical standards. The app fosters seamless communication between lab technicians and patients, delivering a convenient and compliant sample collection experience. Built on Android Native for the front-end and Java with Springboot for the back-end.

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