DocConnect: Streamlined Medical Reporting & Activity Platform.

Empowering doctors with a unified mobile platform for efficient patient report management and decision-making.


The application serves as a centralized platform for accessing referred patient reports, facilitating direct communication with the referred doctor, and tracking the doctor's activity. Users can efficiently view patient reports, connect with the relevant healthcare professional, and stay updated on the doctor's engagements, all through a user-friendly mobile interface.
Technology Used

Business Requirements

This platform is designed as a comprehensive solution for doctors, providing seamless access to patient reports and enabling a detailed overview of their professional activities. It consolidates all patient reports in one place, streamlining a doctor's workflow while offering insights into their engagements and medical practice, fostering efficiency and informed decision-making.

Our Solutions

Mobile Application for Doctor’s reference which includes
  • Patient’s Report referred by other doctor
  • Approval and editing patient’s report.
  • Viewing events for Doctors.
  • View History.
  • Details of Webinars.


The application offers a unified platform for doctors to access, approve, and edit referred patient reports, view their professional events and history, and access webinar details. This comprehensive solution streamlines doctors' workflow, consolidating patient reports while providing insights into their medical practice, fostering efficiency, and informed decision-making.

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