Failure Detection and Resolution Tool for Medical Insurance Claim Entries.

Automated medical insurance claim error detection tool for efficient entry handling, built with Angular and Node.js.


To streamline the handling of failure cases during the entry push for auto-upload, a dedicated tool has been developed. This tool efficiently manages and runs the identified failure scenarios, aiding in the resolution process. It automates the execution of these cases, allowing for quick diagnosis and remediation, ensuring a smoother auto-upload process overall.
Technology Used

Business Requirements

We require a robust platform designed to identify failure cases upon manual entry submissions. This platform should swiftly detect and flag any issues that arise during the entry push process, enabling prompt resolution and preventing flawed submissions. By implementing such a system, we aim to enhance efficiency, minimize errors, and ensure the accuracy of all manual entries.

Our Solutions

A tool which support Manual entry of medical insurance claims in
  • Retrying Failure Cases.
  • To auto detect the errors
  • Run the cases and detect errors when stop the process.


Implementation of the dedicated tool leveraging Angular and Node.js, facilitating the automated detection and handling of failure cases during manual entry submissions. This solution enhances efficiency, minimizes errors, and ensures accurate processing, aligning with the business goal of streamlining the entry push process for medical insurance claims.

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