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Labors Management streamlines overseas labor documentation, enhancing efficiency and compliance.


Global Workforce Navigator is a comprehensive web application designed to streamline the organization and tracking of overseas Workforce details. It efficiently manages and stores essential information such as documents, audits, work permits, and certifications, ensuring compliance and easy access to pertinent data. This platform simplifies the complex process of handling and monitoring the details of overseas workers, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in administrative tasks.
Technology Used

Business Requirements

In search of an efficient solution to oversee and organize work permits, visa specifics, and diverse data related to overseas Workforce? Our business seeks a streamlined approach to manage and track essential information for international workers, ensuring a comprehensive system that handles all pertinent details, from permits to visa specifics and beyond. We aim to simplify the management process, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in handling the complexities of international Workforce documentation.

Our Solutions

Web App -Modules
  • Document Management
  • Learning and Development
  • Hazard Reporting
  • Incident , Audit & Risk Management
  • Permit to Work.


The Global Workforce Navigator, powered by Python Django, Postgres SQL, Docker, and Kubernetes, efficiently oversees overseas workforce details. It manages essential documents, permits, certifications, and audits for compliance and easy access. This simplifies overseas worker monitoring, enhancing administrative efficiency and accuracy.

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