Tailored Medical Education Learning Management System.

Path to Medical School, offering specialized courses, quizzes & e-books via flexible monthly/yearly subscriptions.


The LMS platform offers a comprehensive array of online courses with access to a rich question bank and quiz attendance. Users can subscribe on a monthly or yearly basis, enabling flexible and continuous learning.

Business Requirements

The application targets aspiring medical students, providing access to specialized courses crucial for their entrance into medical studies. It offers a tailored curriculum, resources, and tools designed to support and enhance their preparation for medical school admissions.

Our Solutions

Application which provides
  • Subscription plans.
  • Two Courses to be accessed
  • Quiz page
  • E-Books
  • Image gallery


A Laravel-based LMS for aspiring medical students offering subscription plans, specialized courses, quizzes, and a vast e-book library to enhance medical school admission preparation.

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