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RadiantView PACS, accommodating various medical imaging modalities with an HTML 5 DICOM viewer.


It provides high-quality diagnostic image interpretation, comprehensive measurement tools, advanced reporting features, and additional imaging functionalities. With its HTML 5-based interface, it ensures seamless access and analysis of diverse medical images, offering healthcare professionals a robust platform for precise diagnostics and efficient reporting.
Technology Used

Business Requirements

An all-inclusive platform granting access to medical reports from diverse diagnostic machines. Offering seamless accessibility, our solution centralizes and streamlines reports, ensuring comprehensive access to varied diagnostic findings, simplifying healthcare management.

Our Solutions

  • Feature-rich image management system offering coarse and fine control for workflow optimization.
  • Integration of modality work lists and HIS for streamlined productivity.
  • Automated information population into modalities enhances efficiency.
  • Multi-tiered medical-grade data storage and retrieval infrastructure optimization.
  • Maestro replaces physical setup with secure and reliable software.
  • Configurable routing intelligence enables efficient automation, minimizing unnecessary image transfers and reducing network load.
  • The time required for image extraction has been dramatically decreased from 1.5 hours to just 1 minute


Our holistic solution enhances healthcare operations with optimized image management and integrated systems, amplifying overall productivity. Automated data handling, supported by robust infrastructure and reliable software, boosts operational efficiency. Significantly reducing image extraction time to just 1 minute ensures faster, more effective healthcare outcomes.


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